Recently, Darrell’s appeared in an feature legnth film (!), “DEAD WEST”:


“…We are at beautiful Darrell’s Tavern in Shoreline, Washington,” said Ferrell. “We shot the whole opening scene of the film here. And there’s a murder scene out back and everything so. We’re right here in the opening scene of ‘Dead West’…”

Darrell’s gets great reviews!  Here’s a few:

“Darrell’s Tavern in Shoreline has become a busy and popular club for bands that used to play only hipster Seattle venues…Darrell’s, unchanged since 1967, feels like “old Seattle,” and owner Dan Dyckman has also made a conscious effort to book veteran bands…”

“…The 7th Anniversary party at Darrells Tavern was a smashing success. In fact, the place was so packed that it was hard to get a decent pic…”


“…Shoreline’s quintessential roadhouse juke joint, DT has a long tap list behind its horseshoe bar and curates an excellent selection of locally made microbrews. This north-end gem also offers a regular rotation of live indie rock…”


“…an old-school bar with the motto “Where your dad used to drink.” It’s also where the cool millennials go…It’s the only bar I’ve been to in the past five years where I didn’t see a single soul with an iPhone out. Folks come here to get stupid drunk, schmooze face-to-face or people-watch…”


“…Darrell’s was established in 1967, and very little has changed. The furnishings remain of the low-rent Eames-style variety, like the spindly, quilted-back lounge chairs and the ring of futuristic lamps hovering above the horseshoe bar, and there’s carpeting on the walls but not the floors. The crowd features a good mix of young and old…”


“…Welcome to the world of Darrell’s Tavern in Shoreline (just north of Seattle, for you out-of-town-readers), where adult beverages have been served since 1967 — and where tunes of various genres reign supreme these days. Whether it’s the DJ cranking Nick Gilder’s “Got to Get Out” or Stag pumping out its Cheap Trick-inspired power pop, this place is, simply put, a hit…”


“…If you don’t already have hair on your chest, you will after drinking one of Dyckman’s Manhattans”… “Dyckman bought it late last summer from an 84-year-old named Ben Hammond, who insisted its inheritor not dick with the dinginess much. Dyckman has mostly honored this request…”


“Old Highway 99 culture is almost erased on Aurora,” Dyckman said. “But not here.”


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