About Darrell’s

Hello and welcome to Darrell’s, where your dad used to drink. We are a popular dive north of Seattle on 180th and Aurora. Dive being the operative word; we like it that way. Carpet on the walls, classic decor and Jestsons-era lighting are the perfect backdrop for cheap drinks and entertainment.  We pretty much book it all: rock, punk, country, electronica, metal, soul, jazz, funk, ska, comedy acts and anything in between.

Darrell’s supports local and out-of-towner music of all flavors and if you are a band, we have the gear and the sound guys to get you on stage sounding right, straight away. For more info on this, visit our “For Bands” link at the top of the page.

Darrell’s has had plenty of cool posters, historic news articles, art pieces, paintings and such over the years. We also house many velvet paintings for your viewing pleasure, so check out our “Pics and Posters” section.

Did we mention Monday Industry Night? Taco Tuesday? Pool tables? “Mom?”


DARRELLS ADDRESS: 18041 Aurora Ave. North Seattle, WA, 98133






Hours of Operation and Contact

Open everyday from 4:00 in the afternoon till 2:00 in the wee hours.

Give us a ring at (206) 542-6688.

or send us an email at darrellstavern@live.com

– Your Friendly Darrell’s Staff


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